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Updates and Articles

11/28/03 - From JamBands.com:

Jesse Markowitz: The Dead recently reformed and is back on the road. If offered, would you do a show or a tour with them?

Branford Marsalis: I always had a lot of fun with the Dead, so I'd love to, as long as it didn't interfere with what I'm doing with my band.
10/17/03 - From the Boston Globe:
Weir is coming off a triumphant summer of touring with the reconstituted Dead, which now includes singer Joan Osborne. "I thought Joan worked out particularly well. She got the gig," says Weir. As for further Dead plans, he says there's a debate about whether to go out this February on a short tour or wait until next summer, which he favors so he can spend more time with Ratdog. As for any Dead recording, he says, "We'll do it on the road. The technology now allows you to do that."
09/25/03 - What's in store for 2004? From YesWorld.com:
June 23, 2003 - Talks for a joint tour next year are underway between the camps for Yes and the Dead (formerly known as the Other Ones, and before that the Grateful Dead). Nothing is confirmed and there are no additional details at this time.
09/23/03 - Due 10/21/03, the 270 Miles From Graceland - Bonnaroo 2003 DVD will include "Sugar Magnolia" by The Dead.

09/22/03 - JamBands.com: Mark Karan Performs with The Dead (Shoreline)

09/22/03 - Shoreline review from San Jose Mercury News

09/22/03 - Shoreline review from San Francisco Chronicle

09/19/03 - Relix.com: John Molo Sits in with The Dead (Irvine)

09/17/03 - Osborne and Herring article from San Jose Mercury News

09/11/03 - JamBands.com: Bobby, Phil, Mickey and Bill Play Impromptu Acoustic Set at 710 Ashbury Street

08/11/03 - Relix.com: Summer Time Gone, Come and Gone... My Oh My

08/11/03 - JamBands.com: Bob Weir, Tom Petty, Members of The Heartbreakers Sit in with Bob Dylan (Darien Lake and Holmdel)

08/10/03 - Indianapolis review from Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

08/10/03 - Darien Lake review from Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

08/08/03 - Bob Dylan article from Buffalo News

08/08/03 - Mickey Hart article from Buffalo News

08/08/03 - Joan Osborne article from NY Daily News

08/06/03 - JamBands.com: Phil Lesh, Joan Osborne, Mickey Hart Perform with Bob Dylan (Indianapolis)

08/06/03 - Indianapolis review from Indianapolis Star

08/04/03 - Somerset review from Minneapolis Star Tribune

08/04/03 - JamBands.com: Bob Dylan, Members of moe. Join The Dead (Route 66)

08/04/03 - Route 66 review from Chicago Sun Times

08/02/03 - Dead.net Hotline: Stage collapse causes cancellation of Moe's appearance at Route 66

08/01/03 - Joan Osborne article from Minneapolis Star Tribune

08/01/03 - Bob Weir article from Chicago Sun Times

08/01/03 - JamBands.com: Sammy Hagar Performs with The Dead (Atlanta)

08/01/03 - Tampa review from The Ledger

07/31/03 - Atlanta review from Atlanta Journal Constitution

07/31/03 - JamBands.com: Dylan and The Dead in Tampa

07/31/03 - Tampa review from St. Petersburg Times

07/31/03 - Sunrise (Ft Laud) review from Miami Herald

07/31/03 - Sunrise (Ft Laud) review from Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

07/31/03 - Sunrise (Ft Laud) review from Palm Beach Post

07/28/03 - Mickey Hart article from Miami Herald

07/27/03 - Joan Osborne article from New York Times

07/25/03 - Joan Osborne article from Vero Beach Press-Journal, FL

07/20/03 - JamBands.com Show Reviews: The Dead, Red Rocks, 7/8

07/17/03 - Relix News article (on the Vernon Downs show recorded on Edison wax cylinder phonograph)

07/14/03 - The Dead Summer Getaway West Coast Dates are up.

07/13/03 - JamBands.com Show Reviews: The Dead, Red Rocks- 7/7

07/11/03 - ABCNews.com article (on the Official Concert Recording Series)

07/11/03 - JamBands.com The Dead Summer Getaway Diaries: Bill Kreutzmann on Red Rocks, 7/6-8

07/10/03 - Red Rocks (Monday and Tuesday) review from Denver Post

07/09/03 - Casper Star-Tribune article (on the fans at Red Rocks)

07/08/03 - Boulder Daily Camera article (on the fans at Red Rocks)

07/08/03 - JamBands.com The Dead Summer Getaway Diaries: Joan Osborne on the Willie Nelson Picnic, 7/4

07/08/03 - JamBands.com Show Reviews: The Dead, Saratoga Springs Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY- 6/20

07/07/03 - News 4 Colorado article (on the fans at Red Rocks)

07/07/03 - Rocky Mountain News article (on the fans at Red Rocks)

07/07/03 - Red Rocks (Sunday) review from Rocky Mountain News

07/07/03 - Red Rocks (Sunday) review from Denver Post

07/06/03 - Red Rocks (Sunday) review from Boulder Daily Camera

07/06/03 - The Dead article from Denver Post

07/05/03 - Rocky Mountain News article (on Mickey Hart and The Dead)

07/05/03 - Rocky Mountain News article (on Red Rocks streak)

07/05/03 - Rocky Mountain News article (on fans camping out)

07/05/03 - Two River Canyon review from San Antonio Express-News

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07/02/03 - Relix.com: Willie Nelson Joins The Dead in Milwaukee

07/02/03 - Summerfest review from Madison Capital Times

07/01/03 - The Dead article from CNN

06/30/03 - Vernon Downs review from Syracuse Post-Standard

06/30/03 - Vernon Downs review from Utica Observer Dispatch

06/30/03 - JamBands.com: Al Schnier, Willie Nelson, Greg Osby Join The Dead

06/28/03 - JamBands.com The Dead Summer Getaway Diaries: The Brotherhood of Light's "Liquid Pete" Rabinowitz on Holmdel, 6/24 & 25

06/27/03 - Joan Osborne article from Philadelphia Daily News

06/27/03 - Mickey Hart article from Washington Times

06/27/03 - Phil Lesh article from Kansas City Star (alt. links: JSOnline.com, Boulder Daily Camera)

06/27/03 - Bob Weir article from Syracuse Post-Standard

06/26/03 - Phil Lesh article from St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

06/26/03 - According to the Dead.net Hotline, a CNN's Headline News Live interview with Bob Weir and Jeff Chimenti of The Dead "will air 6 times over the weekend."

06/26/03 - JamBands.com: Members of The Dead Sit in with Steve Winwood for “Gimme Some Lovin’” (Holmdel)

06/26/03 - Download Bonnaroo 06/15/03 audio (from nugs.net)

06/25/03 - Mickey Hart article from Riverfront Times.

06/25/03 - JamBands.com Show Reviews: The Dead, PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ- 6/24

06/25/03 - Relix.com: Steve Winwood Jams with The Dead Again (Holmdel)

06/25/03 - JamBands.com The Dead Summer Getaway Diaries: Jimmy Herring on Hartford and Mansfield, 6/21 & 22

06/24/03 - Jeff Chimenti article from Press of Atlantic City.

06/24/03 - Mansfield review from Boston Globe

06/24/03 - JamBands.com Show Reviews: The Dead, The Meadows, Hartford, CT- 6/21

06/23/03 - Mansfield review from Boston Herald

06/23/03 - Hartford review from Norwich Bulletin

06/23/03 - JamBands.com: Mike Gordon, Steve Winwood, Randall Bramblett Jam with The Dead

06/22/03 - The Dead article from Boston Herald

06/22/03 - JamBands.com The Dead Summer Getaway Diaries: View From the Crew: Chris Charucki on Saratoga Springs, 6/20

06/21/03 - Saratoga review from Albany Times Union

06/20/03 - The Dead article from Asbury Park Press (alt. link: Boulder Weekly)

06/20/03 - From The Dead's official website:

We're extremely pleased to confirm that The Dead will play 3 sets per night featuring 1 acoustic set each night at Jones Beach on these dates: Sat Aug 9. . . Sun Aug 10
06/20/03 - The Dead article from Boston Globe.

06/20/03 - Phil Lesh et al. article from Boston Phoenix.

06/20/03 - Rob Barraco article from Poughkeepsie Journal.

06/20/03 - Merriweather review from Washington Post

06/19/03 - Mickey Hart article from Hartford Courant.

06/19/03 - JamBands.com: The Dead to Play Letterman Tonight

06/19/03 - JamBands.com The Dead Summer Getaway Diaries: Mickey Hart on Virginia and Maryland 6/17 & 18

06/19/03 - Relix.com: Steve Winwood Joins The Dead at Merriweather

06/19/03 - Five audio clips and one video from The Dead at rehearsal are available on their official website.

06/18/03 - JamBands.com: Steve Winwood Performs with The Dead on "Loose Lucy" (Virginia Beach)

06/17/03 - JamBands.com The Dead Summer Getaway Diaries: Rob Barraco on Bonnaroo, 6/15

06/16/03 - Bonnaroo review from The New York Times

06/13/03 - New articles from Nashville Tennessean, Nashville City Paper, and USA Today.

06/09/03 - According to GD Monthly Flash No. 8, "Look for our band ( The Dead ) on The David Letterman Show, June 19th."

06/08/03 - Three tunes from The Dead at rehearsal are available in the All Access area of The Dead's tour site.

06/02/03 - Info is now available on The Dead's upcoming Official Concert Recording Series CD sets.

05/25/03 - From Robert Hunter's Road Journal:

Songs coming out of my ears. Wrote one this morning called "Bakersfield Lullaby" for Sandy Rothman to set and maybe sing with Nelson one day. Weir and I have a good collaboration streak rolling with at least one high powered anthem in our sites and two others standing fair to bid. In Phil's corner, a couple of brand new ones, and a sizable handful of others he's been mulling over for awhile. Three new tunes composed with Mickey plus several he might bring over from the strong Bemba Rishi collaborations which shouldn't be left to gather mold. Half a dozen starters with Barraco, one of which I know for sure to be damned good. Talked to Bill about bringing "Iowa Soldier", which I love, over from the Trichrome pot. Looking at a good two dozen contenders here but will happily settle for half a dozen ready to rip.
05/19/03 - From the Boulder Daily Camera:
The Dead, already legendary for releasing dozens of live albums, plans to follow in the footsteps of Pearl Jam and Phish this summer by releasing recordings of each show on its tour — but with a new, high-tech twist.

"You may be able to go home with it," Weir says proudly. "We're going to bring a couple trucks and burn CDs while the shows are happening. It's going to be wild."
04/16/03 - The Dead Summer Getaway 2003 Leg 2 dates are up on The Dead's official website.

04/15/03 - Billboard.com has listed some of The Dead Summer Getaway 2003 Leg 2 dates (with Bob Dylan co-headlining).

04/14/03 - From the USATODAY.com People digest:

Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson and Steve Winwood will join The Dead for the group's first summer tour since Jerry Garcia's death.
03/31/03 - From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:
"My opinion was to call it Grateful Dead 5, because I think this is the fifth discrete version of the band, pretty much along keyboardist lines," Hunter says. "It leaves it open for a Grateful Dead 6 and a Grateful Dead 7 and - dare I say it? - maybe even a Grateful Dead 56.

"I'd like to see this thing just run on. As I said in 'Cosmic Charley': 'New ones comin' as the old ones go.' I'd like there always to be a Grateful Dead."

The Dead has been working on at least six new songs with lyrics by Hunter. One tune may or may not end up being titled "Wrecking Crew." Hunter doesn't want to jinx the work in progress by giving away any other details.
03/28/03 - According to GDTS TOO, Joan Osborne will be a member of The Dead on their Summer Getaway 2003 tour.

03/26/03 - The Dead Summer Getaway 2003 Leg 1 dates are up.

03/22/03 - According to PollStar, The Dead will play Two River Canyon Amphitheatre in Spicewood, Texas on 07/04/03.

03/05/03 - From the New York Times:

In May, when it is time to rehearse for the next tour, the Dead will fly [Jimmy Herring] to its headquarters in San Rafael, Calif.
02/22/03 - From Robert Hunter's Road Journal:
Personally, I want to see the remains of the unit survive regardless of name or personnel. But then, I've a vested interest in the survival of the songs which are, after all, my major life's work and likely to remain so. The rest of the founding members, me included, will be dead and gone soon enough and I hope to see a basis for carrying some iota of the gist of what this is all about, for what it's worth, across future generations.
02/14/03 - The Dead will play the Bonnaroo Music Festival in June 2003.

02/12/03 - According to the Marin IJ, The Dead "plan to tour again this summer with Steve Winwood and other rock stars as guests."

02/12/03 - According to Reuters, "Dennis McNally said the band would conduct a substantial tour next summer." Also, for what it's worth, the Flash movie pop-up accompanying the Valentine's Day Bash announcement has a frame showing Stealie flags planted in all parts of the U.S.A. following a frame that reads: "Catch Them This Summer In A City Near You."

02/08/03 - Mickey Hart, Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Bill Kreutzmann, Jimmy Herring, Jeff Chimenti, and Rob Barraco have decided to call themselves: "The Dead." Their first show of 2003 will take place on 02/14/03 at the Warfield Theater. Also, a note on the Valentine's Bash Ticket Information page says:

due to the last minute nature of this engagement, we regret that our friends GDTSTOO will not be able to fulfill tickets for this show. They will be on board for the Summer Tour.

02/02/03 - From the Arizona Republic:

Weir does offer a certainty about his former bandmates, offering hope to Valley Deadheads who couldn't make last year's tour:

"They (the Other Ones) are definitely going to get together this year, probably this summer."
01/31/03 - In an interview on 103.5 The Fox in Denver, Derek Trucks supposedly mentioned that his wife Susan Tedeschi will be singing with the Other Ones again this summer.

01/27/03 - According to Europe Jazz Network and CelebrityAccess.com, RatDog will return to Europe in July 2003.

01/21/03 - According to the Post-Gazette Pavilion website, Phil Lesh is "tentatively touring the summer of 2003 in amphitheatres accross the country."

01/03/03 - From Billboard.com:

Weir says that he and his former Dead bandmates are considering reuniting as the Other Ones -- a group that also features Jeff Chimenti (keyboardist in Weir's Ratdog) and two members of Lesh's band, Phil Lesh & Friends, keyboardist/vocalist Rob Barraco and guitarist Jimmy Herring -- for "three, four, five events, probably on long holiday weekends [in 2003]." That, he says, "will probably be enough. If we're gonna make the effort to go out and tour, I would expect what we have to do is spend some time together and come up with new material to make it aesthetically worth our while."