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Updates and Articles

08/19/04 - Raleigh review from Kinston Free Press

08/19/04 - Kinston Free Press article (on parking lot marketplace)

08/17/04 - Darien Lake review from Chart Attack, Canada

08/11/04 - The Dead article from ESP Magazine

08/10/04 - Weir article from JamBase

08/06/04 - Hartford review from The Republican, MA

08/05/04 - Montage Mountain review from Wilkes Barre Times-Leader

08/03/04 - Montage Mountain article from WNEP-TV

08/02/04 - SPAC review from Capital News 9

07/29/04 - From the Boston Herald:

Haynes said the Dead brought him in with a long-term commitment in mind, but ``I signed on for a year to see how it goes.'' So far, ``it's been great. The band sounds great, and we've been getting along wonderfully.''
07/26/04 - Indianapolis review from Indianapolis Star

07/25/04 - Alpine Valley review from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

07/22/04 - Hart article from Big News Network

07/09/04 - Oregonian article (on parking lot marketplace)

07/08/04 - The Dead article from Associated Press

07/04/04 - Columbia Meadows review from Longview Daily News, WA

07/02/04 - The Dead article from Billboard.com

07/02/04 - Hart article from Everett Herald, WA

07/01/04 - Usana Amphitheatre review from Salt Lake Tribune

06/28/04 - Shoreline review from San Francisco Chronicle

06/27/04 - Eugene Register-Guard article (The Dead)

06/27/04 - Eugene Register-Guard article (Grateful Dead)

06/25/04 - Kreutzmann article from Salt Lake Tribune

06/17/04 - Haynes article from Arizona Republic

06/16/04 - Rocky Mountain News article (on fans)

06/12/04 - Red Rocks review from Boulder Daily Camera

06/12/04 - Rocky Mountain News article (on crowds)

06/11/04 - Rocky Mountain News article (on Mickey Hart and The Dead)

06/11/04 - Hunter article from the Denver Post

06/10/04 - Haynes article from USA Today

06/05/04 - Haynes article from The New York Times

05/19/04 - Six tunes from the Dead's May 2004 rehearsals are available on the Music Page of The Dead's official website.

04/26/04 - Three tunes from the "Dead Mule" Surprise Sit-In at the Warfield on Friday 04/16/04 are available on the Music Page of The Dead's official website.

04/08/04 - Haynes article from Billboard.com

04/02/04 - The Dead Wave That Flag Summer Tour 2004 dates are now also up on The Dead's official website.

03/31/04 - GD Almanac 11-2 lists the dates for The Dead's Wave That Flag Summer Tour 2004. Check out Dave Rosenberg's great presentation of this info at OtherOnes.Net.

03/15/04 - From the Rocky Mountain News:

[Bob Weir] returned [to Red Rocks] with the rest of The Dead for a five-night run last summer, and the band plans to do it again this year.

"We're back on the road with the Dead in early June," he says. "I think we're going to do (Red Rocks) first this time. We're going to do that in early June, from what I gather."
03/12/04 - From GDTSTOO:
The Dead Summer Tour:
You have asked repeatedly, but we cannot yet give you any details. We hope to do so in another couple of weeks.
02/14/04 - From GDTSTOO:
We have just received word that The Dead will be playing the Bonarroo Festival again this year. Mail order information will follow as soon as all the details are sorted out. Stay tuned.
01/28/04 - Haynes article from Associated Press

01/20/04 - From Rolling Stone:

"It'll be completely new territory with me, Jimmy and Bobby all playing guitar," says Haynes, who will handle vocal responsibilities on much of the Dead's repertoire. "Jimmy and I go way back and Bob's very unique so I'm looking forward to tapping in to that."

Haynes will also continue his trademark hectic schedule performing with the Allman Brothers Band and Gov't Mule this spring and summer. "I'll be busy with all three bands," he says. "There might be a couple of overlapping Allman Brothers and Dead shows."
01/16/04 - The Dead's lineup has changed! The band now includes Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Jeff Chimenti, Warren Haynes and Jimmy Herring. They will play their "Second Annual Winter Jam" February 9 at the Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA. Also, from The Dead's official website:
As we look ahead to the upcoming Summer Tour, it will consist of two legs; the first starting in Mid-June through 4th of July, and the second starting at the end of July and wrapping up in late August. Exact dates and details will be announced shortly, so stay tuned!
01/04/04 - From Robert Hunter's Road Journal:
There's just a feeling of plenty of energy, a limited amount of limitless freedom, and no overbearing demand on my time until Summer.
01/02/04 - From a recent Bill Kreutzmann interview on Dead to the World:
Bill Kreutzmann: I'm very healthy, ready to go back on tour again.

David Gans: Is that happening?

BK: Well, actually not; the big tour would not happen until June. That's definitely happening.