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Updates and Articles

12/31/08 - Relix.com: Weir, Lesh and Lane

12/24/08 - Jambands.com: The Dead’s Christmas Gift

12/19/08 - Relix.com: Behind the Scenes With The Dead

12/09/08 - Dead.net: Bill Kreutzmann New Year's Eve Shows

12/06/08 - From All About Jazz:

With no official announcement from The Dead camp as to whether or not there will be a reunion run after the Barack Obama support gigs back in October, Haynes offers this comment when asked if he had been approached about joining the fold: “I have only heard rumors up to now," he responds with a pause. “We still don't know if it is going to happen. But boy, would I love to see it!"
11/26/08 - BlackBook Magazine article about the inauguration mentioning Bob Weir

11/22/08 - From a KGO Radio interview with Mickey Hart on 11/21/08 (Friday, 10 - 11 a.m.):

Ron Owens: Gotta ask you about a rumor. Okay? Inauguration? You guys actually gonna play for the inauguration?
Mickey Hart: I really hope so. I'm counting on it.
Ron Owens: You're counting on it?
Mickey Hart: Absolutely.
Ron Owens: Wow.
Mickey Hart: We haven't gotten the official word yet, but I haven't planned anything else on the 20th of January. Let's put it that way.
Ron Owens: When do you think you're gonna find out if you're gonna be playing for the inauguration?
Mickey Hart: Soon as I get the call. And that will probably happen within a couple of weeks, no doubt.
11/21/08 - From the Wall Street Journal:
The list of likely performers [at Obama's inauguration] also includes Bob Weir, singer and guitarist for the Grateful Dead, now known as the Dead, which shared a stage with the Allman Brothers Band for a fund-raiser concert in October. "They haven't asked us yet, but they told us to hold the 20th," he says.
11/06/08 - From the New York Daily News:
Rock 'n' rollers like Bruce Springsteen and surviving members of the Grateful Dead, who helped raise money for Obama's campaign, are expected to perform at inaugural events. . . "We've been told to keep the date free," Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir told The News.
11/02/08 - On the website for Dennis Rae Fine Art, an artist biography page for Mickey Hart states, "After a 13 year break the Grateful Dead will be reuniting the band for a major arena tour in the spring of 2009. During the tour Mickey will be attending exhibits of his art in key locations when the scheduling permits."

10/31/08 - From Rolling Stone:

Further shows, including a possible spring tour, are now being discussed. "It felt good, and I'd be way the hell up for it," says Weir, echoing sentiments of his mates.
10/24/08 - Free downloads of Dead Heads For Obama (2/4/08), Lesh, Weir and Molo ("Come Together" from 5/18/08), and Warren Haynes (9/6/08) are available after pledging to vote at HeadCount.org.

10/21/08 - From All About Jazz:

All About Jazz: There's already some stuff on the internet talking about a possible Dead tour next year. Are you the guy for that?

Jimmy Herring: I love those guys tremendously, but I haven't heard from them on this particular topic. I just haven't heard anything from them.
10/16/08 - Relix.com: Deadheads Flock to Best Buy for Lesh/Weir Signing

10/16/08 - JamBase: Change Rocks | 10.13 | Pennsylvania

10/15/08 - From WNEW:

While we all hope that this is just a practice gig for a full tour, no announcements have been made as of yet. [Evan Levy] got to spend some time with both Mickey Hart & Warren Haynes recently and they both have said “anything is possible as long as we’re all above ground and healthy”.
10/14/08 - Jambands.com: The Dead Reunite for Obama Benefit, Lesh and Weir to Co-Headline New Year’s Performances

10/14/08 - Download Change Rocks (from wklitz.com)

10/14/08 - Dead.net: CHANGE ROCKS - The Setlist

10/14/08 - Rolling Stone: The Dead Reunite for Obama at Scorching Penn State Benefit Gig

10/14/08 - Daily Collegian Online: Artists reunite, rock BJC

10/14/08 - Daily Collegian Online: Jam session gets political

10/14/08 - Centre Daily Times, PA: BJC concert mixes rock, politics

10/14/08 - Wilkes-Barre Times Leader: The Dead rock Penn State for Obama

10/13/08 - Dead.net: RatDog, Phil Lesh & Friends to Welcome 2009 in San Francisco

10/09/08 - Daily Collegian Online: 'Change Rocks' tour to make a stop at the BJC

10/03/08 - From the Marin Independent-Journal:

As Hart puts it, "Love is in the air."


"We found something really important to bring us together," Hart tells [Paul Liberatore]. "It's funny that an Obama event would do that, but that's how important and critical this election is. The Dead are going to play in the swing state of Pennsylvania. It's our call to arms, or call to music, which is the way we arm ourselves."


"We rehearsed for three days at Bobby's studio in San Rafael, and we got along," Mickey reports. "It was great finding each other's rhythm again and it was very relaxed. We left the managers behind. Maybe that's one of the reasons we could all be in the room together. There was less baggage."


As for rumors that this is a precursor to a full-blown Dead tour next year, Hart says: "We're all smiling and playing good and that's the first thing. It's like getting back together in a romantic relationship. And this one's really complex over many years. Everyone's got to find their own rhythm again. You've just got to take this kind of stuff step by step."
10/02/08 - From Jambands.com:
Weir’s spokesman has clarified for Relix/Jambands.com that, though the guitarist did recently hurt his ribs, he actually cancelled his recent appearance because of a cold. He also mentions that Weir played 12 shows after his rib injury.

Weir is still scheduled to play an Obama benefit with The Dead on October 13. RatDog will then kick off a run of shows at Westbury, NY’s North Fork Theatre on October 30.
10/02/08 - From E! Online:
As for the possibility of a future Dead trek, [Dead spokesman Dennis] McNally didn't rule it out completely.

"They want to see how it feels," he said, "but as of now, no."
10/02/08 - Hidden Track: Briefly: Bobby Will Survive, Show Goes On

09/29/08 - From Rolling Stone Issue 1062:

The Dead, minus Kreutzmann, headlined an Obama fundraiser in February. . . "We were able to leave our past behind to engage in something we really believe in," says Dead drummer Hart, who adds that the group is considering a tour in 2009.
09/24/08 - Dead.net: Phil Lesh and Bob Weir to Make Rare In-Store Appearance

09/23/08 - From the San Francisco Chronicle:

And if they tour together again, it's got nothing to do with financial need. The premise was false; no one's hurting. The Grateful Dead is "built on true love," says Mickey Hart, "and that thankfully has come around for us once again. You cannot make the kind of music that we do just for the money." Whatever split them up has been put aside, and they are "embarking on the next step of our long strange trip for the right reasons."
09/18/08 - Tickets for Change Rocks: A Concert to Benefit Obama for America go on sale tomorrow, Fri, 09/19/08 12:00 PM EDT. "This is a concert in support of Obama for America and includes performances by Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart, as well as Gregg Allman, Butch Trucks, Jaimoe, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, Marc Quinones, Oteil Burbridge, and Jeff Chimenti." More info at Ticketmaster.com, BarackObama.com, Dead.net, AllmanBrothersBand.com, and www.bjc.psu.edu.

09/15/08 - From RollingStone.com:
"I consider this my patriotic duty," Bob Weir says of playing Obama rallies. "I think Americans have the ability to rediscover democracy."
09/05/08 - From RollingStone.com:
The band, including Bob Weir, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh and Mickey Hart, are planning to rehearse next week to prep for the show in one of the more hotly contested presidential swing states with Warren Haynes on lead guitar. Phil Lesh’s son, an Obama volunteer, lined up the gig. “They are all totally committed to the show,” said a friend of Jerry Garcia.
09/03/08 - From the Centre Daily Times, PA:
Barack Obama’s Web site reported today that the surviving members of the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers will perform at Penn State’s Bryce Jordan Center on Oct. 13 in support of the Democratic presidential candidate.

However, Bernie Punt, director of sales and marketing at the Bryce Jordan Center, said reports of such a concert is creating "quite the buzz" but that the concert has not yet been confirmed.

The Obama Web site blog by Larry Finklestein said Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart “will indeed reunite along with Warren Haynes and Jeff Chimenti for a benefit concert” for Obama.

The Allman Brothers Band also will appear, the Obama Web site said, with another band, not yet identified, to appear as well.

Obama campaign officials also could not be reached to comment on whether Obama himself plans to make a Penn State appearance as well on Oct. 13, a Monday. Presidential candidates to not normally schedule such appearances so far ahead of time.
08/29/08 - From Dead.net:
Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart announced today that they will join together again on October 13th to perform a benefit concert for the Presidential campaign of Senator Barack Obama, with the city, venue, special guests and other details to be determined pending further discussions with the Obama campaign. . .

Stay tuned to dead.net for further details, ticket information, etc.
08/29/08 - According to Jambands.com, "Sources confirm that the surviving members of the Grateful Dead -- guitarist Bob Weir, bassist Phil Lesh,and drummers Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann -- are planning to tour in April and May of 2009."

08/29/08 - From FOXNews.com:

[Roger Friedman is] told that on Oct. 13, possibly either in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, the Dead will get back together for at least one show to raise money for and awareness about Obama.

All four living original members will play together — Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Phil Lesh and Bill Kreutzmann. The band's leader, Jerry Garcia, died in 1995 from a heart attack.

Substituting for Garcia will be Allman Brothers and Gov't Mule master musician Warren Haynes.

If all goes well, [Friedman's] sources say, the band will then set out on a major tour in summer 2009.
08/14/08 - From Honest Tune Online:
Mickey Hart: The Rhythm Devils was yet another step in the evolutionary process. I look at it like that. I wasn’t really holding on to the Rhythm Devils. It was just transitional.

Honest Tune: Too, you had an all-star cast and I’m sure there were time demands too. Mike Gordon is out touring his solo album now.

MH: I didn’t think that Mike Gordon was going to be able to tour as much as I wanted to. Certainly not Kreutzman. He told me that right up front. So I knew going in that it was going to mutate into this. He’s one of my dear friends and he’s doing a trio thing right now. He’s a monster, a giant drummer, absolutely totally amazing.
07/10/08 - From Rolling Stone magazine's Conversation With Barack Obama:
When you were at the Rolling Stone cover shoot, they were playing the Grateful Dead, and you recognized the music right off.
Those guys did a concert for me during the primary — they got back together again. And not only do I enjoy the music, but I just like them as people.

Are we going to have a Deadhead in the White House?
I'm not sure I fully qualify as a Deadhead — I don't wear tie-dye and I've never followed them around anywhere. But I enjoy the songs.
07/01/08 - Billboard.com: Hart: The Dead Happy To Rock Again For Obama

06/17/08 - From the Wilkes-Barre Weekender:

One noticeable highlight of the Warfield run was the amount of guest players Lesh incorporated, including his longtime Grateful Dead bandmate Bob Weir. Although the appearance of the two together on stage, much like that of the recent “Deadheads for Obama” benefit (Lesh, Weir and Dead percussionist Mickey Hart were on hand), might have given fans hope of another Dead tour, Lesh notes everyone in the Dead family are too busy with their own projects rather than trying to map out an extended tour.

“Everybody in the band is having a really fun time doing what they do,” he said. “Bobby is very happy with RatDog — I’ve talked to him extensively about that. I’m completely thrilled about what’s happening with my band. Also, everybody has a lot of projects that don’t involve bands or touring. … When we try to get together to do a tour or some big event that makes money for us, it doesn’t work well. The business kind of gets in the way, and we can’t make music well enough to really satisfy any of us. Basically, what we’ve decided after the Obama event was that when we do get together we want to do it for a good cause — for benefits. For something like the getting-out-the-vote rallies. For doing good for other people. That’s basically the approach we’re going to take.”
05/20/08 - Dead.net: Phil & Friends Complete Historic Warfield Run

05/19/08 - Relix.com: Bob Weir Joins Phil Lesh for Warfield Finale

05/19/08 - Jambands.com: Bob Weir Joins Phil Lesh for Warfield Finale

05/09/08 - Phil Lesh and Friends, the Bill Kreutzmann Trio, and Donna Jean & the Tricksters will play Gathering of the Vibes at Bridgeport, CT this summer. Also, according to Dead.net, the Kreutzmann Trio "is currently working on a debut release slated for the fall of 2008."

05/03/08 - Spring 2008 Tour dates are up for Bill Kreutzmann, Oteil Burbridge, and Scott Murawski; click on the "News" drumhead at Ocean-Spirit.net.

04/18/08 - From Jambands.com:

Bill Kreutzmann, Oteil Burbridge and Scott Murawski have settled on the name 3 for their new trio. In addition to previously announced gigs at MagnoliaFest [October], Chicago’s Martyrs' and Green Apple [both April 20], 3 will also play a Rocks Off boat cruise aboard the Temptress on June 1.
04/11/08 - Summer 2008 Tour dates are up for the Mickey Hart Band, Phil and Friends, and RatDog. Also, the Bill Kreutzmann Trio featuring Oteil Burbridge and Scott Murawski will play The 12th annual MagnoliaFest in October.

03/28/08 - From Billboard.com:

A Barack Obama presidential candidacy may give Grateful Dead fans reason to rejoice this year.

The Dead's surviving members got together in February to perform at a Deadheads for Obama rally in San Francisco. "It was our first straight-up political event ever," notes guitarist Bob Weir, who's now on the road with his band Ratdog. "We had fun." And, Weir tells Billboard.com, the group, which is largely dormant these days, may want to have a little more fun in the near future.

"I would be surprised if we don't get around to playing again at some point," he says. "But, really, my hot hand right now is Ratdog, and I think that goes for Phil (Lesh) with his group, and Mickey (Hart) has his project and Billy (Kreutzmann) is sort of happily retired over in Hawaii. But we'll get together again. I'm sure of that."
03/19/08 - Some Allman Brothers Band and RatDog Summer 2008 Tour dates are up.

03/13/08 - Jambands.com: Allman Brothers Band To Tour With Bob Weir and RatDog

03/10/08 - Jambands.com: Kreutzmann, Murawski, Burbridge and Gordon

03/04/08 - Jambands.com: Kreutzmann to Gig with Burbridge and Murawski

02/07/08 - From the Marin Independent-Journal:

Phil also offered his services, which led to the Obama campaign asking if he'd be willing to put on a concert on the candidate's behalf. He quickly agreed on a get-out-the-vote show with his Phil and Friends band the night before the California primary, but he wanted the evening to be something special.

Phil insists that this is not the beginning of a permanent Grateful Dead reunion.

"Everyone's having such a good time doing their own thing," he said. "Bobby has Ratdog, I've got my band, Mickey has all his projects, and everybody's really flourishing.

"But the thing we can do when we want to play together is to play together for a good cause, for something bigger than we are, instead of just going out on tour," he elaborated. "I look forward to that. If there's an opportunity for another reunion for something this important, I'm sure we'd all be into doing it."
02/07/08 - The Mickey Hart Band featuring Steve Kimock & George Porter Jr. will be playing at least a couple of shows this year: the Langerado Music Festival on March 7 and the Wakarusa Music Festival in early June.

02/05/08 - Dead.net: Bob, Phil, Mickey and Friends Rock for Barack at the Warfield

02/05/08 - From Reuters:
The three band members neither promised more concerts nor ruled them out. "It's a lot like family," Weir said, referring to complicated relationships dating back more than 40 years. "What we have is thicker than blood."
02/05/08 - Dead Heads For Obama setlist from Philzone.com

02/01/08 - From Dead.net:
Members of the Grateful Dead will host a get out the vote concert in support of Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama on Monday, February 4th at The Warfield Theatre in San Francisco.

Mickey Hart, Phil Lesh, and Bob Weir, joined by Jackie Greene, John Molo, and Steve Molitz, will play show together in support of Barack Obama.
01/30/08 - Jambands.com: Mickey Hart Band, Zappa Plays Zappa, PBS, Pangea with Kang, Among Wakarusa Adds