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Links to some of Dick Latvala's DNC posts

(The lines without links show quoted fragments from lost discussions)

07:47pm Apr 2, 1997 PDT, 07:50pm Apr 17, 1997 PDT, and 11:09pm Apr 22, 1997 PDT (Dick's Favorites)

08:16pm May 4, 1997 PDT Dick Latvala: "I was at the show in Bost9on on 6/11/76, and I also thought that this was one of the best (and most smoke-filling!) shows that I have ever witnessed."

07:18am May 10, 1997 PDT [Dick Latvala wrote about 8/6/74 as a future vault release]

10:50pm May 16, 1997 PDT Dick Latvala: "Oh, and we will sometime do the un-expected and unknown as yet! Like a Pigpen box obviously."

06:49pm Jun 1, 1997 PDT Dick Latvala: "It is somewhat possible, I believe, to find out things that you didn't know about before by sharing your opinions with others compelled lunatics like myself."

12:49pm Jun 6, 1997 PDT Dick Latvala: "I just yesterday listened to 4/4/87- Worcester, Ma. I have always felt that this show was one of the best from that great spring tour."

06:55am Jul 3, 1997 PDT (Best of 1973)

06:57am Jul 7, 1997 PDT Dick Latvala: "3/16/88- HJK. . . is a really excellent show and maybe should come out!"

03:00pm Jul 11, 1997 PDT Dick Latvala: "As far as my thoughts about the Tom Constanten period, well, can I say that I want to have every show that he ever played on? It's quite clear to me that you guys will get your fill of great stuff from this period (late '68 thru early '70) Obviously, the songlists from this period have a lot in common, but the performances have a lot of uniqueness. I am in total agreement about this stuff, in fact this is the best of the best music ever played on the planet!!!"

12:28am Sep 7, 1997 PDT (Best of 1972)

12:37am Jul 29, 1998 PDT (Best of 1974)

Dick Latvala on 1977

Dick Latvala on Scarlet -> Fire

. . . and some rec.music.gdead 7/8/99 posts reporting DL's "Best Dark Star"

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